Best to Pack :

Akhirnya hari ini ada opportunity untuk gunakan produk ni. Saya memang "rasa bersalah" kalau pakai plastik bag so hari tu beli dua set benda ni untuk packing snack anak-anak. Balik bila dah sudah, boleh basuh je - tapi guna la soap nut lebih elok atau basuh dengan air je.

More info on this product :
Snack pack from Penguin the Rabbit brought to you by Babies Wishes Inc

They are great for your Snack
You can put biscuit , chocolate
not only that you can fit in a pack of the dutchy lady milk packet too.
It is a great tool for on the go mummy. Such as putting pacifier.
I think is great to put ice in a plastic bag and put it into this snackpack as a itch reliever. RM12 without postage. Comes in 6 colorful designs :)



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